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Our “Green” Philosophy
“Going Green” is not a new concept for Arpad Prestige Home Enterprises, Inc. as depicted in our company logo which includes both the sun and the wind turbine representing renewable energy. We have been practicing this philosophy and approach to building since the start of this company in the mid 1970’s. We refer to this approach as building efficiently and cost effectively, keeping energy savings in mind. Basically, we look at this as building with common sense.

Our new house projects always start with a consideration to the proper orientation of the house in respect to the sun in order to maximize passive solar gain and utilize the natural surroundings to buffer the cold and the wind. Use of maximum insulation, energy efficient windows, properly weather stripped and insulated exterior doors, efficient and cost savings appliances and heating/cooling equipment, have always been an important part of our approach to building.

Trees are not just beautiful, but are important to the welfare of our earth. During construction, we do not remove trees for convenient sake. We make our decision based on the longevity of the life of the tree in relationship to the projects effect on it. We always protect remaining trees during construction and will consult and work with Forestry and Arborist Specialists when the need arises.

During our renovation projects, we recycle removed materials and waste that are recyclable and not just dispose of them in a dumpster. We offer reusable appliances, cabinets, etc. to organizations such as Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and other community oriented groups. Removed trim, wood flooring and architectural amenities in old or historic houses, are often cleaned up and reused to match existing woodwork thus maintaining the historic and architectural integrity of the project.

In keeping with government codes concerning hazardous materials, we are involved with testing and the abatement of lead paint, asbestos, radon, oil tank removal and other contaminant handling as required by law, protecting our clients, our workers, and our environment.

Protecting our environment makes good sense, good practice and good business!
17 Evergreen Road, Denville, NJ 07834
p: 973-625-0001 / f: 973-625-7401 / e: arpadmyhome@aol.com
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